DocBase, the most flexible document & information management system offers you the right solutions for the best possible content storage.


Contract Management

Contract management

DocBase’s Contract Management provides you with direct and complete insight into the duration of contracts, cancellation notices, achievements, and commitments at all times.

You will automatically be notified when a contract expires. Whether it is a rental contract, lease contract, maintenance contract, or a purchase contract.

By using workflows, documents can be deleted automatically so  your files will always be in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

Personnel management

Personnel management

It is every HR-manager’s dream come true: to always have a clear overview of all personnel files. DocBase provides you with a filing system for digitalized personnel files, which will save you time and money.

The appropriate people will get access to the right files and those files will be secured effectively. The Hogeschool Rotterdam uses DocBase for their 3,600 personnel files. Especially the auto-fill feature for filling out specification forms saves a lot of time.

CRM system

CRM system

A sale comes with a number of documents. When selling a car, for example, a standard set of files needs to be stored.

With the use of our efficient version control and a checklist, it is easy to confirm whether sales files are completed or not.

Documents that include personal details need to be deleted within a certain period of time, following the General Data Protection Regulation. DocBase will do this for you automatically by using workflows.

QHSE System

KAM Systeem

QHSE stands for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, and Health and Safety. Our QHSE system is the right system to help lead, evolve, and manage the information related to this operational regulations and procedures.

Because of our efficient version control, we can ensure that employees will always be up to date. This contributes to a desirable safety culture.

By using DocBase QHSE system, you will avoid fines, low customer-satisfaction, defect costs, or even worse: an occupational injury, an environmental scandal, or reputational damage.



Use DocBase’s Invoice Processing to minimize the risk of errors in invoice processing within your organization.

No matter what device you are using, invoices are easily obtained with the digital Invoice Processing system.

Never lose another invoice with DocBase and realize shorter throughput times, as well as quicker payment for the supplier.



Using DocBase as a company wide document and information management system will lead to time savings, so more work can be done by fewer people.

You have the possibility to add metadata and notes to files, which makes them easier to find and obtain. Files can also be added to a dossier automatically.

DocBase can be modified to apply to different processes, so the system will fit exactly to your working methods.