DocBase: smart and secure storage of your documents

Our Document Management System offers a fitting package and expansion for every solution.

Store, find, share

Structure all documents, invoices, contracts, personnel files, etc.

Clear digital files save your employees a lot of time and effort, and save you money. DocBase structures the entire information flow of different documents, for the various departments within your organization.

Our smart software supports the different work processes: when a dossier is missing a file, for example, DocBase will send you an e-mail notification. It also informs you of the status of files, who has access to it, and who signed it.

Over 100,000 users already rely on DocBase!

Macbook Docbase

Easy to share

The smart integration with MS Office makes it easy to share files with colleagues, partners, and clients.

Find what your are looking for

Information is structured well and easy to find.

Safety first

Your files and information are safely stored. The right people have access.

All-in-one system

DocBase can handle all types of files. It is easily connected to other system.

Software that helps you work efficiently

DocBase offers insight into all documents and encourages collaboration.

Find and edit your digital documents quickly and effortlessly. It’s possible with DocBase, no matter what type of file. E-mails, invoices, personnel files, mail, and videos are all easy to find in DocBase. This ideal platform supports digital work.

Registering incoming documents is easy as one, two, three. Postal items are scanned and recognized in the digital mailroom. Files will be placed in a workflow that is fitting for the processes within your organization. Tasks will be assigned to you and reminders are sent via e-mail. MS Office programs like Word or Excel make it easy for you to edit files and for every file, the right people will be able to view the status and the comments.

You will remain in control of your document flow and completing tasks will require less effort.

Software that helps you work efficiently.

6 benefits of using a DMS

A Document Management System is software for structuring and managing all digital and paper documents within your organization. A DMS can benefit you in six different ways:

1 Increased efficiency

Employees will spend less time looking for information. They will quickly be able to find the right version of files in the structured digital storage.

2 Cost reduction

Going ‘paper-free’ saves you the costs of printing and mailing. Because of this document management system fitting your processes, you will be able to do your work in a more efficient manner.

3 Improved service

Because they have access to the right information concerning deliveries or services, employees will be able to deal with customer queries more quickly. The latest version of a file is always available, which leads to less confusion and less errors.

4 Comply with rules and regulations

Files will be stored in a safely and will always be deleted in time. DocBase helps you to comply with current rules and regulations, like General Data Protection Regulation.

5 Protected against calamities

Fire, vandalism, or theft could damage your paper files. A DMS helps you store copies in a different, secure location.

6 Green entrepreneurship

By digitalizing your organization’s information flow, you will reduce your CO2 emissions as well as your paper and fuel consumption.

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What exactly is a DMS? Why is it essential?
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