DocBase offers you three different bundles for easy and flexible document and information management.

DocBase Find

Docbase Find

Stop searching and start finding with DocBase Find. The software will be configured  for your specific organization objectives.

+ Compatible with MS Office, so you can work directly with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
+ By using tasks and deadlines, files follow the workflow
Add an unlimited number of metadata fields to a file
+ Search in the contents of a document for a particular word
Smart management of different versions
+ Outlook e-mail storage
+ Notifications

DocBase Connect

Docbase Connect

In addition to the DocBase Find functions, DocBase Connect makes it possible to share information with other systems. With an API, systems can be connected, without Acanthis’s involvement. This is frequently done by our clients.

+ Your sent e-mail will automatically be saved and stored in the right folder in DocBase
Information from an ERP system can be marked as a feature for documents
Online web forms can launch a process in DocBase
+ Personnel data can be retrieved from HRM systems

DocBase Certified

Docbase Certified

Stay in compliance with rules and regulations and increase your efficiency with DocBase Certified.

All the functions from DocBase Find & DocBase Connect
Automatically store and destroy files
+ Verified checklists
+ Extra inspections for the availability of the database
+ Easy to connect to other systems
+ NEN-2082 certified