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DocBase gives you easy and quick access to digital stored documents. Scans, Word-documents and mail messages are different types of documents that can be stored. Everything is clearly classified in a manner that suits your organization. DocBase is an ideal platform for digital working. You can use it as a digital mailroom, but also for case-oriented working, invoice processing and contract management. That’s not all yet. You can also use it as a CRM solution to manage your customer contacts.

Using a Document Management System

With DocBase, as document management system (DMS), it is a piece of cake to register documents. You can either choose to register the documents one by one, or a batch at once. Finding your information has never been so easy. You will find your requested documents within a few seconds. Due to the integration with MS Office, the editing of documents is easy and user-friendly. The DocBase ribbon in MS Office provides you with the actual status information on the documents that you have in revision. This gives you control on your documents. The handling of your tasks by means of receiving reminders actively supports you. The document management system actively supports your activities.

Links with other business applications

A document management system is like an email solution. All other applications can make use of it. That requires simple linking or integration options, and not only with MS Office (standard integration), but also with ERP/CRM/HRM or financial packages. Almost every link is possible and easy to realise with database views or our webservice API module. This makes it easier to use DocBase also for:

  • Contract Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Digital Signatures
  • Document Creation
  • Digital Personnel Files

The web services API module makes almost every connection possible without many modifications.

Self service

The power of DocBase is next to flexibility and a fast implementation, the possibility to properly manage the document management system by yourself. There are many solutions that require a consultant if the customer wants a modification in the document management system. That does not apply to us. You can create and manage document types, attributes, workflow processes and authorisation profiles on your own. This will save you time and costs!

Accessibility Document Management System

DocBase shows user-dependent information. Access rights can be adjusted in the document management system for each single person or groups of persons. So, as a user you will only get the relevant information for you, shown in a structured and intelligent way.

Document Management of all document types and formats

Start archiving everything you want. You can really store anything in DocBase. The application is format independent. You can store the following file types for instance:

  • MS Office formats (.docx, .xlsx, .msg, etc.)
  • Video formats (wmv, mp4, etc.)
  • Image formats (jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, etc.)
  • AutoCAD drawings 
  • PDF
  • Scans

NEN-2082 certified

DocBase meets the strictest standards in the field of archives and was recently recertified, also for case-oriented working.

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