Our Customers

About DocBase and Acanthis


Hogeschool Rotterdam

Hogeschool Rotterdam is the Rotterdam University of Applient Scientist and is an intensive user of DocBase. A few years ago they also choose the module Digital Personnel Files and they digitized more than 3.600 personnel files in less than two months.

The experience of the Head of HR of Hogeschool Rotterdam is like: “The simple use of DocBase gives the employees the possibility to work with the system in an easy way. After day one I saw my staff no longer walk around and look for personnel files, but quickly find the necessary information in DocBase".

GGZ Nederland

GGZ Nederland is a sector organization in mental health and substance abuse treatment and is an user of DocBase since 2001.

GGZ: “We use DocBase, because the system is very fexible and reliable. DocBase is easy to connect with other systems and not also important connecting to other systems is easy and we love the excellent support of Acanthis.


NVZ is the Dutch association of hospitals and uses DocBase with full satisfaction.

NVZ: We use DocBase because the system can be deployed quickly, and is flexible to adapt to the needs of the organization, without having to pay the highest price. In addition, Acanthis is an organization who is always looking for the best solution and this is very important in this time of continuous changes in the business of an association.

Provincie Gelderland

Provincie Gelderland, a 5,100 km2 province of the Netherlands, has more than 2 million locals in 56 municipalities, a rich cultural history and beautiful scenery. They work for years in complete satisfaction with DocBase.

Provincie Gelderland: ''Professional, committed and human is the way we experienced the cooperation with Acanthis. Thinking along with the changing needs of the Provincie delivers fast clarity and the best approach. Its good to see Acanthis is the developer and owner of DocBase as well. Case based working? For the Provincie not a revolution but a logical evolution of a deliberate configuration of DocBase. We do this already for years with DocBase in a happy way''.