Acanthis creates interesting expansions for DocBase, to help you carry out your work better and quicker. We always provide a fitting solution for your situation.

Quickly place your digital signature

digital signature

Placing a digital signature on, for example, a contract is easy in DocBase Sign. The right person can easily place an authorized signature on the right document.

This digital signature module by DocBase uses e-mail and complies with European guidelines.

Stop printing and scanning. Save time and the environment!

Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom

Process your mail digitally with DocBase’s Digital Mailroom module.

Incoming mail is scanned and recognized. Via a routing process, the mail will reach the right people quickly. Outgoing mail can also be automated, which will reduce the error margin.

Save time and paper. Get a better grip on mail.

Records management

Records Management

Not all files have to be stored eternally. Actually, General Data Protection Legislation requires you to delete personal data. By using Records Management, you can decide when files will be destroyed or deleted.

Records can also be closed. Straight away, replacement- and destruction rapports are generated automatically.

This module complies with current legislation and regulations and is NEN-2082 certified.

Advanced Admin Tools

Advanced Admin Tools

Some organizations want maximum control over files. Our Advanced Admin Tools provide you with this:

1. add extra checks for authentication and integrity of files;

2. confirm that the database is available and launch extra services if needed, for example when experiencing slow internet connection;

3. convert files to PDF format.

CTC-Management Module

CTC-Management Module

Your processes will be most efficient when using case types. That is also what the internal workflows are based on. This module enables DocBase to easily be integrated.  The DocBase Case Type Collection (CTC) Management Module makes it possible for operators to quickly and easily create and modify case types.

Case types include who needs to be informed about what status and specifies what needs to be included in a dossier. This module helps you maintain control over the workflow and provides you with an overview of the different adjustments.



DocBase Forms makes working with Microsoft Word much easier. By using a template, your corporate identity will always be readily available. All files will have a uniform appearance which makes them easily recognizable and adds a professional look.

Address details and other available information will also be added to the file automatically by DocBase. This is more efficient and helps prevent mistakes.