About Acanthis


We believe that relevant information within your organization should be easily obtainable. It will help you do your work more quickly and it increases your motivation to embrace change. This results in your business growing and your ability to grab opportunities to live up to your ambitions.  


  • offer clarity in file and data storage
  • guarantee quality
  • appreciate continuous innovation
  • have moren than twenty five years of expertise within our field
  • offer flexible software that you can manage yourself
  • act with professionalism
  • like to be involved in finding ways for you to work more quickly and easily
  • ensure that our software works well for our clients


Acanthis will help your business grow with four steps:

1. Structure

In structure sessions, Acanthis will help your organization to find an appropriate structure. With our twenty years of experience in structuring digital data, Acanthis can provide you with expert advice on a clear and effective storage structure.

2. Made to Measure

DocBase will be personalized for your organization. We support your work processes by putting your files on the right tracks. DocBase will notify your employees about what needs to be done and what needs to be prioritized.

4. Maximum performance

Acanthis will enable your organization get the most out of Docbase. After your employees have gotten used to working with Docbase, we will set up a moment of evaluation to work on the finishing touches.

3. Modify it yourself

Your employees will be trained to use DocBase to its fullest and to modify it in the future. In this way, the system will remain fitting, and you will not be dependent on Acanthis’s assistance.

What are we aiming for?

Acanthis aims to be a constant, important player in the field of (un)structured information.

The world is growing and evolving rapidly. There is a growing realization that data, next to staff, is an organization’s most important asset. Throughout the Netherlands, Acanthis has been involved with implementation projects concerning file and information management. Abroad we are also increasingly seen as experts on file management.

Acanthis’s DMS DocBase is used for staff management.


For Acanthis, it’s about three things: having fun, providing quality, and having a sense of purpose. We do not only want this for our own employees, but also for our partners.

When you know more, you can do more. Partners who are like-minded, not only when it comes to innovation and processes, but also when it comes to the matching of supply and demand. Only then will our cooperation lead to the optimal results for the client. When partners make use of each other’s best qualities, they create opportunities and a healthy, long-term perspective. That’s what we at Acanthis strive for.

Corporate social responsibility

How does a decision in the present affect the future of coming generations and their lives? That is wisdom and intelligence. And that is to us what corporate social responsibility is all about. At least when the decision contributes to durability. Isn’t it strange how mankind, the most intelligent being on this planet, is ruining said planet and has created such profound inequalities within its own species?

No repetition, less stress

We believe that innovation and transparency contribute to the world of today and tomorrow. Our innovative software positively contributes to human health. Doing repetitive work leads to physical and mental complaints. People can experience unnecessary stress from unclear or inefficient processes at work. Preventing this is what corporate social responsibility actually means to us. Our stable system barely leaves downtime which helps prevent stress. Repetitive administrative work will be taken care of by our software, which leaves employees with time for the more creative processes. That is what people are good at and what makes them happy.

Acanthis helps your business grow

Easily find what you are looking for by using a Document Management System.

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