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Who wants to work smarter, works digital! When you have all your documents and information digitally available, you are able to react faster to market changes and to answer questions from colleagues, customers or suppliers. You can also control your business processes better. And gives you the opportunity to take important decisions based on current and complete information. It is all about changing the way we work.

DocBase - The future Document Management platform is there

We live in a connected and always 'on' world. Today's consumers use their mobile devices to find information, to handle tasks, to schedule meetings, etc. All in a matter of minutes. The future is in platforms that connect all devices and desires, transforming complexity into simplicity and empowering organizations to deliver awesome customer experiences.

DocBase gives you easy and fast access to your digital stored documents. It's an ideal platform for working in a digital way. You can use it as a Digital Mailroom, for case management, invoice handling and/or contract management. Whether you have scans, Word documents, PDF, movies, sound files or email messages, everything is clearly classified in a way that suits your way of working. But that's not all. Also CRM functionality is included so you can manage your customers in a proper, clear and easy way. 

With the DocBase DMS system you have everything "under the button" available: incoming mail, email, outgoing invoices and customer communication. DOCBASE is an efficient, easy-to-use and effective document management solution to manage all your company information, including optimal integration with existing systems and MS Office. Fully based on standards in the market, it's future-proof!

No expensive customization, but a suitable solution for your organization. 
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About us

Acanthis Document Solutions is the Dutch founder of DocBase, one of the most flexible easy to implement document management systems there is.

More about DocBase


DocBase gives you easy and quick access to digital stored documents. Scans, Word-documents and mail messages are different types of documents that can be stored.

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Customers about DocBase:

Klantcase Broekhuis

De oplossing is niet alleen gebruiksvriendelijk. Het principe van ‘standaard, maar wel passend voor de organisatie’ zoals Acanthis dat hanteert, sprak ons zeer aan. En natuurlijk levert de combinatie van DocBase met DocuStar als input management platform, direct aan elkaar gekoppeld, een grote efficiencyverbetering op.

Marijn van Dijk Manager Sales administration at Broekhuis Groep
Klantcase Hogeschool Rotterdam

We are very satisfied with the DocBase solution and professional support by Acanthis. As enterprise system DocBase meets our strict requirements and offers us a good, stable and integrated ICT solution for our organization. DocBase offers us the controlled way for less storage of paper and emptying file cabinets and spaces.

Marcelle Zeddeman Servicemanager at Hogeschool Rotterdam
Klantcase Provincie Gelderland

Professional, committed and human is the way we experienced the corporation with Acanthis. Thinking along with the changing needs of the Provincie delivers fast clarity and the best approach. Its good to see Acanthis is the developer and owner of DocBase as well. Case based working? For the Provincie not a revolution but a logical evolution of a deliberate configuration of DocBase. We do this already for years with DocBase in a happy way.

Niels Wullink Functional Manager DocBase at Provincie Gelderland